Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach Bible references to my notes?

Just above the notes box, tap ‘Open Bible’ and select your verse. This verse will then be attached to your note.

Is my data secure and private within the app?

Yes, we do not share your data with any third parties.

Does Bible Note Pro require an internet connection to function?

The app does require an internet connection to sync, but you can take notes offline and sync them when you are back online.

Is there a free trial version available?

The free version contains limited features and enables you to test out the app.

Is Bible Note Pro available for both iOS and Android?


Can I print my notes?

Yes, if you use the share feature to share your notes to a web page, you can print this page from your device.

Can I share my notes with others?

Yes, there is a share feature that would enable you to send a unique URL with your notes.

Can I sync my notes across different devices?

Yes, you can sign in with the same login on different devices and sync your notes between them.

Does Bible Note Pro support multiple Bible translations?

At the moment, we only include the American Standard Version with the app. However, you can export a list of scriptures used during a talk and paste this into another website or app that would enable you to look up the verses in additional translations.

How can I get technical support or report issues with the app?