It is possible to input a program into Bible Note Pro using the ‘Import Talks List’ facility (premium users only)

Items need to be added in a format like this:

09:40,,Song No. 1 and Prayer
09:50,,Welcome to the assembly
10:05,Symposium,God's Cardinal Attributes:
11:05,,Song No. 2

  1. Create a new Event with the right number of days.
  2. Edit the event, then click the ‘Import Talks List’ option in the top right hand menu.
  3. Start with the first day of your event. If you have multiple days, start a new line and enter the following information in this format: DAY,<day number>,<day title>For example: DAY,1,Friday Replace <day number> with the sequential number of the day (e.g., 1, 2, 3), and <day title> with the title or name of the day.
  4. After entering the day information, check if it is either the morning or afternoon session. If it is, add a line to indicate the session. Enter the following information in this format: <time>,SESSION,<session period>For example: 09:29,SESSION,MorningReplace <time> with the start time of the session, and <session period> with either “Morning” or “Afternoon” based on the session time.
  5. Now, continue entering the events within the session. Each event should be on a new line and follow one of the following formats:
    • Regular Talk: Enter the event’s start time and type of event. If it’s not a session or symposium, it is considered a talk. Use the following format: <time>,<event type>For example: 09:30,,Music 09:40,,Song No. 1 and PrayerReplace <time> with the start time of the event, and <event type> with a brief description of the event.
    • Symposium Item: If the event is a symposium item, start the line with the start time, followed by “,symposium-part,” and the specific part of the symposium. Use the following format: <time>,symposium-part,<symposium part>For example: 10:06,symposium-part,Justice 10:07,symposium-part,Power Replace <time> with the start time of the symposium item, and <symposium part> with the specific part of the symposium. Even though the time is not specified on the program, please add rough start times for each symposium item so that items will be listed in the correct order.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for all days and sessions.


  • Lines that start with “DAY,” indicate the beginning of a new day.
  • If the day has morning or afternoon sessions, add a “SESSION” line.
  • Regular talks start with a time.
  • Symposium items start with a time and include “,symposium-part,” followed by the specific part.